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Freshman Admissions

Freshman admission begins in the fall of 8th grade year. Current 7th grade students should fill out on an inquiry form to get on our mailing list. The mailing list form can be found on the "Visit Us" page. 

Boys Division, Class of 2027

Step One- schedule a shadow day
Head to the "Visit Us" page to schedule a day! 

Step two- complete an application

Girls Division Class of 2027

All students are required to complete an online application prior to acceptance.
There are three sections to a student's application:

      Initial application portion completed by the student & parents

      Teacher recommendation- to be completed by a current 8th grade teacher. 

      Transcripts/grades- parents are required to submit a transcript request form to their child's
      school counselor to request transcripts be sent. 

All of the above steps are included with the application account that you will create for your child.
Please be sure to read each of the steps as they are very detailed. 

Parents are required to request the teacher recommendation and transcripts-
we cannot request them on your behalf. 

Transfer students must contact admissions before beginning an application 


Applicants Requiring Academic Accommodations 

If the applicant is on a current documented and supported IEP, 504 or another form of
an accommodation plan, please contact the 9th grade academic dean respective to your child's
division to schedule a time to speak to them to discuss your applicant:

Girls Division- Mrs. Margie McElyea

Boys Division- Mr. Jeff Giolitti


It is important that our staff discusses the applicant’s accommodation plan with you

so that we may further be aware of the specialized needs of the student.

Our priority is to ensure the academic success of every
prospective student and having these conversations first is a wonderful way to start.

app proceess 1.png

The application window has now closed for new applicants to the girl's division class of 2027. It is highly unlikely that the window will reopen due to the number of current applicants and spaces available in the class. Please click the box below for more information 

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